What we do


Despite the name (you’ll have to meet with us to find out where it came from) we don’t specialise in incinerated ice-buns or toasted tarts or even cremated cupcakes, we make engaging and informative videos and animations that get our clients noticed. We film conferences and events all over the world, we can live-stream them to virtual attendees at home or in the office. We edit promos and wrap videos for these events, sometimes in the wee small hours of a darkened hotel room so that its live and on air the next morning. We produce explainer videos to illustrate a client’s concepts or emerging tech. We film testimonials of our client’s clients so they can wax lyrical about how amazing and what a good job our clients are and do. We edit your footage and in turn we can provide crew to film your production and hand over the rushes at the end for you to take away and edit. We fly drones (legally) and get footage that only a few years ago would have been cost prohibitive for all but the largest budgets. We even film 360 walk throughs and VR so your clients can experience your services and products without actually coming to your demo centres.

And we do all of this with you, working together to get the best video possible for your budget. Cakes can be provided, and rest assured they won’t be burnt…and if you’re really good…maybe a free Burnt Cake T-Shirt…the very definition of freebie chic.