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Who are we?


Cake Burners are cameramen, directors, editors, animators, sound recordists, audio mixers, voice over whizzes and sometimes bakers of the best rock cakes in Wessex. We’ve been producing videos for 7 years now as Burnt Cake for clients all over the world. Professional and always fun to work with we were once described as ‘a safe pair of hands’ and that nothing ‘was too much trouble’ and our favourite… ‘taller in person than you sound on the phone’.
We wake up every day with a smile on our faces, a skip in our steps and an eagerness to get started. We love what we do, which isn’t just a line it’s completely true and would have been our twitter bio but for Simon wanting to keep it serious and professional. The team at Burnt Cake come from broadcast, corporate, events and photography backgrounds, bringing a wealth of skills and experience to every brief, every shoot, every edit and every animation. 

Meet with us. Work with us. Have fun with us.